If Dogs Ran the World

A Tall Tale About Dogs Enchanted by a Mouse Who Shoots through a hole in the Fence and Leads them on a Ramble In The Wide Wild World, where they fulfill their destiny by rescuing a bunch of scruffy dogs from a Vera Cruz kill shelter and finding homes for them on the internet.

A novel by: Linda West Eckhardt

Chapter 1: Scrappy Barker Begins the Story of His Life

My name is Scrappy Barker and I’ve been thinking about telling the story of my life for a long time. I think about it at night, when I’m under the dining room table after the family has gone to bed and the house is quiet and dark. But, sometimes, I just can’t calm...

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Chapter 4: Sofia Guides us Down the Road to Freedom

“Well, it seems to me you had a great adventure,” Earnest said when Sofia had finished her story.  “That’s all we’re after.  It just gets so boring living here with Cook and never going anywhere.” Sofia said if we were sure we wanted to go to Mexico, she could show us...

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Chapter 6: The Value of Big Ideas

 The thing about my brother is he’s always had big ideas.  He dreams big and he brings his dreams to life.  I mean, how else can you explain how we four mutts wound up on the deck of a cargo ship sailing from the port of Houston to the port of Havana with a belly full...

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Chapter 7: The Dogs Do Havana

Sofia explained we should go out and walk around the water front.  She offered to send her cousin along as a guide, but we said, no thank you.  We had just about had enough of her advice. But her last warning was:  Remember the ship sails at dawn.  If you want to get...

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Chapter 8: The Ship Sails for Mexico

Once Javalina and I were on board, I showed her where the air chute was and told her that’s how we got into the ship.  She was leery.  And a little bit scared.  The smells coming out of that thing would peel the paint off the walls. Did they pick up the coffee or not?...

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